Ultimately, delivering Leadership Support
makes organisational life better for everyone.


LSCo specialists are established Business Psychologists who have worked as leadership development coaches with multinational businesses.


We have been employees or associates with the country’s leading occupational psychology and HR consultancy firms, delivering in the UK and internationally.


The LSCo business model means that we can offer internationally benchmarked levels of expertise and best practice to businesses which would not necessarily have the scale to warrant bringing in a global corporate provider to support them.


This means our clients don’t have to pay a premium fee to get premium expert support. Also, because we do not operate through a standard corporate methodology, we are more open and responsive when it comes to addressing the particular needs of our clients.


Leadership Support is bespoke to your needs, but underlying what we do is a simple but powerful idea.


If team members are to engage with what your business needs them to achieve, they need to feel personally connected with the organisation and to also to share a clear sense of purpose.  A leader must make sure that happens and personally regard doing so as important.


We identify what is important to an individual leader, where they naturally prefer to focus their attention. From that we can assess the authenticity and strength of their intent to ensure others have what they need to feel and know.


Once we understand a leader’s fundamental orientation to providing what team members need, we can then look at how they would do so; whether their approach is right for the team, effective, and appropriate to their level of leadership.

Assessing the leader’s natural predisposition to focus attention onto what’s important to others requires a deeper, more psychological approach.

We apply our especially-designed Leadership Fundamentals diagnostics to pinpoint what is principally important to a person.  That analytical framework in turn provides the language to help you to understand and describe yourself and others.

Next Steps

If you think you and your business can benefit from the support that we offer, contact us for an initial chat or to arrange a meeting to see if you would benefit from a free initial consultation.